Visiting Pisa - What to See and Do

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Known the world over for the Leaning Tower, the city of Pisa is a small but charming Italian paradise.

Characterised by beautiful Renaissance buildings, art museums and luscious green patches, the town is swamped by tourists flocking to see the famous tower each summer.

Ten things you must do in Pisa

  • Explore Campo dei Miracoli, where you will find Pisa's most famous architectural wonders including the Leaning Tower, the Duomo, the beautiful Romanesque Baptistery and the 13th-century Camposanto can be found.
  • Take a photo of your family and friends holding up the world-famous Leaning Tower. Construction of the bell tower began in 1173.
  • Taste the delicious locally produced red Chianti wine on the Pisan Hills Wine Trail, taking in the nearby villages and town of Palaia, San Miniato, Peccioli, Laiatico, La Rotta and Terricciola.
  • Visit the superb art museums in Pisa including the National Museum, Museum of Sinopites, Museum of San Matteo and St Matthew National Museum, and enjoy some of the best Florentine and Renaissance art in Italy.
  • Benefit from the thermal spas at the nearby towns of Uliveto, Casciana and Larderello; the hypothermal waters are said to have health-giving properties.
  • See Pisa from a different perspective on a boat trip on the Arno River, where you can relax, enjoy the views and soak up the sun.
  • Stroll through the historic centre of Pisa and take in the centuries-old churches and palazzo including San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno, the most ancient church in Pisa.
  • Enjoy the stunning views of Pisa from the top of the Leaning Tower after a long climb up the well-worn marble steps.
  • Visit Shelley's house in Bagni di Pisa, from where he wrote some of his greatest poems. The market square of San Guiliano di Pisa, where the house is situated, is also worthy of exploration.
  • Put your best clothes on and browse along Borgo Stretto, the most expensive street in Pisa, also home to Galileo's house.

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